The office rental market in Belgium is constantly evolving. According to the latest data, the office real estate market is growing, especially in major cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent. Real estate investors are building new office buildings to meet the growing demand.

Brussels is the most important market for office rentals in Belgium. The city's business district, the European Quarter, attracts many international companies and organizations. In addition, the city also has many smaller business districts that are also highly sought after. Popular office areas include the Louise district, Sablon, Place Sainte-Catherine, and the City Center.

Outside of Brussels, Antwerp is also a growing office market, with business districts such as the port and the Zuid district. Ghent is also a growing office market, especially in the Sint-Pieters district.

Rents for offices in Belgium vary depending on location and building quality. More modern and higher-quality office buildings are often rented at higher rates than older and less well-equipped buildings. Tenants can also find shared workspaces or coworking offices in certain cities.

Ultimately, the office rental market in Belgium offers many opportunities for real estate investors and tenants looking for quality workspace in dynamic business areas.